Carole LeBris Perez was born in 1971 in Paris France. In 1993-94 after graduating form the University of Paris with a masters in Sociology, she started working for the advertising agency MC Can & Erickson in Paris as a strategic planner for 2 years then left for a 3 month trip to new york city in 1996. She fell in love with the city and has made it her home ever since. In Paris, Carole always made her friends jewelry for special occasions. She continued to design jewelry in NY and women on the street wanted to buy her pieces from her neck or hands, so she decided to test market her product on prince street in SOHO. The jewelry proved to be successful, women were lining up to get 3 rings 2 cuffs at once, CNN made 2 success stories on her line called La Petite Princesse and a japanese tv shows did as well.

      La Petite Princesse line is hand carved by Carole with the lost wax process then the jewelry is casted in white metal and then the piece is dipped in a bath of 24 carat gold. Some cuffs, rings and necklaces are hand painted with enamels in luscious colors. Carole decided to open her store at 232 elizabeth street NY, famous street for young avant garde designers.

     Meanwhile she married painter Enoc Perez in 2005 whose work is represented in NY, LA, Berlin, London and Paris. He has also shown in museums in Europe and the US. He recently completed a commission for the Lever House Foundation and will have a survey of the past ten years of his work at the MOCA in Miami December 2007.

      Recently Carole has been concentrating on her gold and sterling line named after herself, Carole LeBris Perez. These pieces are one of a kind hand carved mini sculptures. She doesn’t make molds so her customers can enjoy a unique piece which is often inspired by artists such as Alexander Calder and Niki de St Phalle, Salvador 


mention a few of her influences. The organic shapes of the jewelry are usually designed around large colorful cabochon. The stone color and shape usually adds to Carole creative process. The gold pieces are made like a sculpture in wax , She carves together the intricate pieces of wax to either form a chain or a flower shape, or a bubble gate, a cat, fruits…then the cuff is fitted directly on her wrist to mold it to its shape. Her lines reflect her relationship to art.

Both of Carole’s lines are made and casted in Manhattan, which gives her complete quality control of the manufacture.















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La Petite Princesse is one of the most innovative and truly creative lines in our showroom. The pieces are striking in their unusual shapes, colorful gemstones and  painted enamel detailing. Designer, Carole Perez, is primarily inspired by artwork whether it be paintings, sculptures, intricate mosaic tiling - you name it.

She is also inspired by her day to day life with husband and renowned painter, Enoc Perez. His paintings decorate their apartment alongside works by Basquiat and Nicky de Saint Phalle. The building is a work of art in itself. Once a famous hotel on Park Avenue, rumored to have housed Marilyn Monroe. The old check-in desk is still there along with the restaurant sign and room service elevators. Talk about inspiring!

And all of Carole’s jewels are miniature works of art with their texture, color and dreamy shapes, but what is most important is that she makes them by hand with so much love, inside of her apartment.

We felt extremely lucky to get a tour of Carole’s space and a peek into her life, her inspiration and her new collection!

Some newer pieces, including the gorgeous giant mint green ring made of Chaceldony and some rings of stunning Australian opal.

Pictures of her husband and son along with little sources of inspiration fill the shelves above Carole’s work space.

Molds upon molds upon molds fill the studio.

One of Carole’s favorite artists, Nicky de Saint Phalle.

Carole wears plenty of La Petite Princesse and says she is now used to customers buying the rings off her fingers.

A peek at some new beaded necklaces. Carole says she is inspired by giant “grandma” necklaces. Pieces you would imagine playing dress up with as a child.

A painting by her husband, Enoc Perez, whose work has inspired Carole to be “more obsessive compulsive and attentive to every detail.”

A piece by Basiquiat in their front hallway.

Carole shows us a book on Nicky de Saint Phalle.

A treasure to take home!!